Written by John Dittrich, Larry Stewart, Greg Jennings, Tim DuBois
(Lead vocals by Larry Stewart)

I was standing on the corner
Waiting for the light
When a silver Eldorodo
Pulled up on the right
I was looking for adventure, I was looking for a ride
And both of my prayers were answered
When she motioned me inside

She said, “Where you going, cowboy?”
I said, “Anywhere, but here.”
She looked me squarely in the eye
And said, “Well have no fear.
I’ll get you there in half the time I love to fast
She winked at me, the light turned green
And the world went flying past

She said, Boy I’m gonna give you the ride off your life
We’re only gonna do it once
But we’re gonna do it right
If you’re into taking chances
You better hold on tight
Cause I’m gonna give you, the ride of your life

We were screaming through the traffic
Flying through the night
I was thinking it was cool
Passing everything in sight
She took a right on Sunset then a left on Canyon Drive
And I began to wonder
If I’d make it back alive

Like a demon had possessed her
She kept picking up the pace
My heart was beating faster
And the blood drained from my face
A death grip on the armrest
My knuckles turning white
Why is it when you need a cop
There’s never one in sight?


Now my thirst for adventure
Had long since disappeared
And any thoughts of passion
Where now overcome by fear
I was praying through anther curve when suddenly ahead
I saw an intersection
And the light was turning red

I was planning my escape
As she was gearing down
When she came to a screeching halt
I jumped out and kissed the ground
The light turned green, I heard her laugh
As she drove out of sight
I realized just what she meant
And was she ever right.