Agency Group picture for website- cropped...L to R: Bobby Roberts (The Agency Group), Travis James (The Agency Group), Greg Jennings, Dave Innis, John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, Larry Stewart, Nick Meinema (The Agency Group)
*Photo Courtesy of Absolute Publicity

 RESTLESS HEART has signed on with THE AGENCY GROUP for exclusive live booking representation.  The Agency Group’s Travis James will act as the band’s responsible agent.

“The Agency Group is extremely proud to become a part of the outstanding legacy already created by Restless Heart,” says James.  “To see all the original guys still singing and performing the hits at the top of their game is inspiring on so many levels.  I’m honored to be a part of the band’s touring future, as are my Agency Group agent friends who will be equally involved daily.”
The Agency Group’s Bobby Roberts adds, “Talent buyers all over North America have repeatedly booked Restless Heart because of their consistent crowd-pleasing show with superior vocals, musicianship and numerous hits.  The Agency Group Nashville is thrilled with the opportunity to represent the amazing Restless Heart!”

Looking ahead to 2015…. it will be a very good year.