After a much deserved mid-winter respite, the wheels on the Restless Heart tour bus are ready to roll into a hectic 2007 tour schedule. “Last year we did more than 100 performances in 95 locations around the world,” said Larry Stewart, lead singer for the legendary group. “We don’t expect 2007 to be any less hectic.”

The group was off the road most of the last three months, taking time to produce the upcoming live album, plan for the 2007 tour, make several appearances on the Grand Ol’ Opry and, of course, spend time with their own families. “In the old days, we’d miss first steps, the Tooth Fairy and T-ball games,” Stewart commented. “Now we have to work our schedules so we’re home for high school graduations and moving into college!”

“It’s also great spending time with our Grand Ol’ Opry family,” Stewart said. “We’ve been able to make about two appearances a month over the break and we all love being on that stage.” (The group is on the Opry stage again March 13.)

The 2007 tour dates bring the band back to familiar stages and trying out some new ones. The highly successful “Triple Threat Tour” continues into 2007. Restless Heart joins Little Texas and Blackhawk on the T3 stages, bringing down the house at every show.