It’s time to start a new song up the Top 40 Chart on the New Artist Radio internet site. Tracks from “Still Restless” have already scored on this streaming website with “Yesterday’s News” soaring to #1 and “Makin’ Hay” still on the chart after 13 weeks.

“With what’s happening in our world and our country right now, this is the ideal time for all of us to remember we have to pull together as citizens of the United States of America,” Larry Stewart commented. “As the song says, ‘it takes a lot of roots to grow a family tree’ but now we need to reach deep into those roots and stand strong to weather the storm.”

Air time on New Artist Radio and making it to the Top 40 Chart is all based on email voting. Go to and click on Vote For Artist on the right side of the screen. Type in Restless Heart and Same Boat Now. The Top 40 Countdown hosted by TMC and Dark streams every night at 9:00 EST.