Korey, Kris & Wendy SodermanWith each passing year, the list of special stories relating to Restless Heart’s “I’ll Still Be Loving You” continues to grow, and “Sunday on the Waterfront” in West Palm Beach added yet another special memory. This time, it was for members of the group themselves.

In the center of the dance floor sat a young man with a very simple and sincere love of music. As the song began, a couple came onto the dance floor, lifted Korey Soderman from his wheelchair and danced with him between them throughout the song.

Korey and his twin brother, Kyle are dramatically different only in the fact that Korey is affected with cerebral palsy while Kyle walks and talks like any other average teenager. However, this family is anything but average.

Initially inspired by the music of Kenny Loggins, the Soderman family is truly a miracle personified. Follow these links to learn more about this amazing family. This love story will touch your heart, as it did ours.

Many thanks to our friend, photographer Randi Radcliff, for capturing the moment.