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Written by Dave Loggins
(Lead vocals by Larry Stewart)

She had a long line of lovers
Mostly the gambling kind
I didn’t want to be like the others
And get left behind
I heard about her bad reputation
And how she had a heart of stone
How she’d give a man
A moment of pleasure
To get what she wants

I had a weakness for her kind of woman
I could never deny
I knew I would never see it coming
Until I was lost in her eyes
The more I tried to keep her at a distance
The more I became aware
She was breaking down my resistance
Till I no longer cared

Tonight I saw a red red rose
In the yellow moon
Shining on a silhouette
Lying in the shadows of my bedroom
I knew it when we made love
And I couldn’t quit calling her name
That I’d been hit by another
Fast movin’ train
I’d been hit by another
Fast movin’ train

I wondered as I lay there and held her
Why can’t this be real
Why the fear wouldn’t let me tell her
How could she make me feel
I doubt it if she would even be around
When the moment comes
I waited till she fell asleep
To whisper
Baby, look what you’ve done