Written by Walt Aldridge, Susan Longacre

My friends all tell me every chance they get
That I’m nothing but a fool
If I don’t find some way to go on living.
And get out and over you
But they don’t understand that, no matter where I am or what I do
Or who I do it with I’ll always wish that I was doing it with you

When the lights are all bright
When the lights are down low
In a room full of friends, when there’s no-one I know
No matter where I may go
Some things never change
I’m in an old familiar place
With an old familiar pain

I sit here in my favorite easy chair
In my favorite old blue jeans
Reminisce about the good ole times we had
When you were still in love with me
And every now and then I get up
And straighten up another picture frame
Lord there’s something kind’ve comforting
In knowing , everyday they’ll be the same


It’s an old familiar place
And an old familiar pain…