Written by Greg Jennins, Paul Gregg, N. Gregg
(Lead vocals by Paul Gregg)

Somewhere out west in a land called Eldorado
There’s a ribbon of gold hidden high upon a mountain side.
And many an adventurous soul has tried to find her
But many is the dreamer who’s failed to stake a claim

Oh, Eldorado
Show me your heart of purest gold
Don’t you know
I’ll never stop searching till I’ve found you
Oh, Eldorado call to me, call to me
Why don’t you call to me

Legends tell us a tale of the mother load
A fortune of gold buried deep within a shroud of stone
And oh the laughter that springs from her cold cold grave
Will leave with the shivers, chill you to the very bone


Voices in the night
I know you’re out there waiting
Luring me inside
I can feel the undertow