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United Talent Agency- Nashville
Travis James…
Lance Roberts…
Alec Vidmar…
Nick Meinema…
Phone: 615- 564-2580



Don Murry Grubbs
Absolute Publicity, Inc.
Phone: 615-275-8380


Technical Information, Merchandise


Alpha Stickwraps
John Dittrich uses Alpha Stickwraps

Restless Heart officially endorses Audio-Technica microphones and accessories.

Elixir Guitar Strings
The official sponsor of Greg Jennings.

Lava Cable
Greg Jennings uses Lava Cable products

John Pearse
Larry Stewart officially endorses John Pearse guitar strings and accessories.

John Dittrich has been with pearl since 1982 and uses the Pearl masters custom series

John Dittrich use the TX717W model

John Dittrich uses the quad stick holder and beverage holder

Restless Heart officially endorses UniTec cases and Products
Music Portals

CMT (Country Music Television)
The network’s official site. Check out their message boards, streaming videos, and more!

CMT Canada

Country Stars Online

GAC (Great American Country)
The network’s official site. Submit your requests for Restless Heart videos on CRL and GAC Classic.