//Calm Before The Storm

Calm Before The Storm


Written by B. Farrell, Dave Robbins, Van Stephenson
(Lead vocals by John Dittrich)

Well you blow through here
Like you own this town
Like a hurricane
You never touch down
I hear the sound of thunder
I start to tremble slow
I know it won’t be long until the whole thing blows

Somebody’s gonna get hurt
Somebody’s gonna go down
Just when you think it’s over
It’s gonna come back around
You’re just headed for trouble
Don’t say you haven’t been warned
You better get out on the double
It’s just the calm before the storm

Well, you’ve got nobody
You can call your own
Everything you touch
Just turns to stone
Someday you’re gonna wake up
And it’ll all be gone
And you’ll realize everything you did was wrong



It’s just the calm before the storm
It’s just the calm before the storm

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