‘Yesterday’ came full circle for Restless Heart. Then one of Nashville’s newest acts, the band celebrated their 30th Anniversary in 2013.

John Dittrich, Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, and Larry Stewart – the men who make up Restless Heart have enjoyed one of the most successful careers in Country Music history, placing over 25 singles on the charts – with six consecutive #1 hits, four of their albums have been certified Gold by the RIAA, and they have won a wide range of awards from many organizations – including the Academy of Country Music’s Top Vocal Group trophy.

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Restless Heart lead singer Larry Stewart can remember the exact moment and place his life began to change forever. “I was driving east on I-40 from West Nashville into town to an appointment,” he recalls. “Back then, I was listening to what we were doing in my Jeep Cherokee every day. I had turned the radio on, and ‘Let The Heartache Ride’ was right in the middle of the acapella intro.” Stewart had been living with the song for a while, and hearing it through his car speakers wasn’t that big of a deal – until he looked at the stereo and saw the numbers 97.9. “It didn’t sink in because I had it in the tape deck for days, then I realized ‘That’s the radio. It’s WSIX.’ I pulled over on the shoulder around White Bridge Road and sat there with my car idling. It was like yesterday.” #MusicMonday #CountryMusic

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#FanFriday with the Restless Heart Band. Thank You Jeff & Jennifer Nicholson for being wonderful fans and friends! - Team RH

Here is their #FanFriday statement:

"We first met the guys in Restless Heart in 1987; but they were my favorite country band when their first album came out. We have been friends with them ever since; and always look forward to visiting at shows when they are in the area. We have many memories but one which is one I will never forget was on our fifth wedding anniversary in 1989. I was in law school and we had very little "anything". We scraped up some money on that Saturday and drove from Lubbock up to Liberal, Kansas (5 1/2 hours) to see them.
Our plan was to drive back (most of the night) after the show. We were visiting with them at some hotel after the show when the fact we were celebrating our anniversary came up; as did the fact we had to drive back to Texas. A few minutes later, John gave us the key to his room and roomed with one of the other guys. I remember Greg being there, so it may have been him. I know they probably don't remember, but we do... We have been married 32 years.
Not many people get to be friends with their favorite band; we have always felt very fortunate. At this point in my life, the friendship is more (or at least as important) as the music. They have been very nice to us in the 50 or so times we have seen and been around them.
There isn't anything I would not do for any of them....."
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